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David Abdow President and CEO

Tala Khudairi Executive Director

As an executive academic administrator, Dr. Tala Khudairi has collaboratively led diverse higher education communities, divisions, education programs and assessment initiatives.   She has created numerous efficiencies while managing a wide-range [more…]

Christopher P. Hennessey Faculty Director

Chris Hennessey is Professor Emeritus of Law. Although retired from full time teaching he continues to teach a blended learning law course to MBA students and an elective course on [more…]

Eric N. Berkowitz Acting Managing Director

Dr. Berkowitz presently serves as Acting Managing Director for Babson Global. He is also Professor Emeritus of Marketing, School of Management, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he served [more…]

Lulu Gustavsen

Lulu Gustavsen Assistant Controller and Treasurer

As Assistant Controller and Treasurer, Lulu is responsible for overseeing the management and reporting of Babson Global’s finances. Her responsibilities include financial and operation areas including budgeting, forecasting, cash flow, [more…]

Judy Mascari

Judy Mascari Senior Project and Finance Administrator

As Senior Project & Finance Administrator, Judy works closely with Lulu Gustavsen to support the management and reporting of Babson Global’s finances and operations. This includes contracts, faculty compensation, and [more…]