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Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, Ph.D. in Arabic Language and Literature,1971, Pre-Islamic Literature;  Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, M.A. in Arabic Language and Literature,1968, Abbasi Literature;  Damascus University, Damascus, Syria, B.A.,1964 Arabic Language and Literature


Donated thousands of books from my private library to the International Islamic Sciences University, so the students and researchers can benefit from these books, some of them are very rare


World Islamic Sciences and Education University, Amman, Jordan

Professor in Arabic Language Dept, 2011 – 2014;  Dean of Scientific Research and Higher Studies, 2010 – 2011;  Dean of Arabic Language Faculty, 2009 – 2010;  Lecturer in Arabic Language Faculty, 2008

Al-Balqa’ Applied University, Amman, Jordan

Lecturer in Arabic Language Faculty, 2007

Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan

Professor in Arabic Language Dept, 2005 – 2007;  Head of  Arabic Language Dept, 2001 – 2005

Ministry of Education, Muscat, Oman

Advisor to the Minister of Education,1998 – 2000

World Bank, Sanaa, Yemen

Development of Teachers colleges project,1997

Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan

Head of  Arabic Language Dept,1992 – 1994;  Professor in Arabic Language Dept,1994 – 2001

Ministry of Higher Education, Jordan

Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education,1989 – 1991;  Dean of Teacher’s higher Education College, 1988 – 1991;  Head of Higher Education Development Dept, 1989 – 1991;  Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education & Head of Higher Education Development Dept, 1987 – 1988

Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan

Associate Professor at King Saud’s University, KSA (sabbatical leave), 1982 – 1983;  Head of Arabic Language Dept, 1980 – 1982;  Professor in Arabic Language Dept, 1985 – 1986;  Associate Professor in Arabic Language Dept, 1981 – 1985;  Assistance Professor in Arabic Language Dept, 1976 – 1981

Other Related Work Experience

Teacher in Teacher’s Education Colleges, Kuwait, 1971 – 1976;  Ph.D. studies in Cairo University, 1970 – 1971;  Teacher in Kuwait High Schools, 1965 – 1970;  Lecturer in UNRWA Teacher’s Education Centers, Ramallah, 1964 – 1965;  Teacher in UNRWA schools, Jordan, 1954 – 1964


Supervising tens of students in their Master’s and Doctorate studies and thesis; Seminar about mutual cultural aspects between the 3 religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism), Salzburg, Austria 7 -14 Oct,  1984;  ICA scholarship to attend the Free Education & Learning course, St. Johns College, Santa Fe, NM, USA, summer of 1979;  S.A.S. Scholarship to attend the International gathering in USA on Higher Education, 2 – 27 May, 1988;  Seminar on Arabic encyclopedia – Reality and Ambition, organized by Budapest and Leeds Universities 1 -7 Sept, 1993 in Budapest;  DAAD research scholarship, Bonn, Germany, summer of 1983 & 1994;  Invited to lecture in Leon University 21 – 29 Jan, 1995;  Was the head of many universities committees (Year Books, Alumni Association, Courses assessments, Arabic language competency exams, etc);  Evaluated many of colleagues researches, books and publications for promotion purposes


School books, curricula and teacher’s guides for all levels of Education in Sultanate of Oman and Teacher’s colleges (1977 – 1983) 28 books Supervising Curricula of elementary schools for Arabic language courses in Jordan (Grades 1 – 10) 1988 – 1994;  Writing the Arabic language curricula for High school classes in Jordan (1988 – 1994);  Writing the Arabic language curricula for 9th grade in Jordan Writing the Arabic language curricula for Jerusalem Open University Arabic language books, teacher’s guide for Sultanate of Oman Developing the curricula for Teacher’s colleges as a request from World Bank in Yemen;  Writing the Arabic language curricula through Babson university in 2015


Arabic – Native Language;  English


Member of Yarmouk research magazine;  Member of National Geographic;  Member of Arabic language teacher’s association in the American University;  Member of Jordanian Authors Union;  Member of Jordanian Writers Association;  Member of American Biography institute;  Chief Editor for “Almeshkah” magazine issued for International Islamic Sciences Univeristy