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Exploring and mining the intersection of Customers, strategy, data, and analytics, Ken Demma has been a Marketing leader for over 25 years: working to transform businesses in adopting Customer-centric Marketing strategies, increasing knowledge about… and loyalty of… Customers, while improving the effectiveness of Marketing investments. He has held executive roles at SAP (current), American Express, Fidelity Investments, US West, Affinity Group, iXL and several specialized consulting firms.
Ken teaches MBA and Blended Learning students Consumer Behavior, Marketing Analytics and Strategic Customer Management (a course which he also conceived and developed).  He has served as advisor on 4 JMCFE projects, leading students in Marketing and Sales strategies for clients in Italy and Switzerland; proudly working with teams that have had a big impact for their clients.  He has developed several courses for Babson Global, and has authored numerous articles including: Determining Dimensions–Marketing Investments Often Bear No Relation to Results, The New Learning Curve–Advanced Knowledge Helps Companies’ Success in Hyper Competitive Markets, and has contributed to numerous books, including High Performance Marketing (Eechambadi) and Analytics at Work(Davenport/Harris/Morison).  He often speaks on the topics of Marketing Strategy, Big Data, Marketing Effectiveness and Measurement & Analytics, and has been a contributor to recent research on Marketing Mix Optimization(Forrester Research), Big Data Analytics in Marketing (IDC) and Big Data Morality (presented at MIT CDOIQ).
Ken holds an MBA from New York University Stern School of Business, a BA in Economics from New York University, a certificate in Leadership in Professional Services Firms from Harvard Business School and a certificate in Direct Marketing from NYU. He is on the faculty of the International Institute for Analytics, a Jury Member for I-COM, and has been an active member of various professional associations, and is an advisor to numerous small businesses.