The Goldman-Sachs 10K SB Program

Building the capability for small businesses to provide job growth

Creating the capability of Small Businesses to become job creation engines

Babson is the key academic partner supporting the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.  The program is designed to unlock the growth and job-creation potential of small businesses in the U.S. by providing greater access to business education, capital, and business support services.  The program seeks to increase job creation by scaling and growing participating small businesses.

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Babson designed the 10,000 Small Businesses curriculum, which focuses on practical business skills that can be applied immediately by business owners, including negotiation, marketing and employee management.  The Babson team, led by  Dr. Patricia Greene, Academic Director, 10,000 Small Businesses and 10,000 Women, consults on all aspects of the educational experience, including linkages with access to capital and business support systems.  For all of the sites that have been launched, the Babson team has organized the recruitment and training of the delivery team, planned all the curriculum and developed supporting materials, and evaluated program components and delivery methods to make necessary adjustments throughout the program.  Babson faculty members co-teach with each module faculty the first time a site delivers the program.  Babson is also advising on research programs and assisting in design and delivery of local mentoring programs.

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Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is a program for small businesses that links learning to action.  Through the program, participants will gain practical skills in topics such as negotiation, marketing and employee management that can immediately be put into action.  In addition, they will receive the tools and professional support to develop a strategic and customized growth plan that will take their business to the next level.  Learn More...

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10,000 Small Businesses and 10,000 Women
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