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Babson Global Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (BGCEL)

The Babson Global Center for Entrepreneurial Development (BGCEL) is located at Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (MBSC) College of Business & Entrepreneurship at KAEC. The Center is owned and operated by Babson Global and was established with a gift from Lockheed Martin.

The mission of BGCEL is to create a Saudi-based international source of research, entrepreneurship education, case studies, conferences, outreach programs, and information about entrepreneurial leadership that promotes a sustainable entrepreneurial leadership culture for business, government, and not-for-profit enterprises in Saudi and the surrounding region.

The Center also supports MBSC in delivering co-curricular activities for its students; engaging with the MBSC Faculty in research based activities and supporting the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem working with multiple private and public stakeholders.

More updates coming soon about BGCEL’s work.

Podomoro University

Podomoro University, Indonesia

Prior to the opening of Podomoro University, Babson Global held a four day program on Creating Living and Learning Environments designed to serve as an orientation program for new faculty.  Topics discussed included new ways of teaching and learning, governance structures that assure faculty ownership and quality assessment of curriculum and policies and procedures for appointments, development and the assessment of teaching and intellectual contributions.  This interactive program was designed for both new and experienced teachers.  It was designed to reinforce the Babson Global approach of building strong educational environments by creating curricula, co-curricular activities, and culture of teaching, learning, experimenting and reflecting.


King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC)

The power of reverse innovation when people try different and innovative approaches to solving one of the most urgent problems facing our world. This is what Babson Global hopes to do in KAEC – try new things that advance our own state of pedagogy.

King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) is the home of the Babson Global Entrepreneurial Leadership Center which opened in January 2015.  The Saudi Center will begin activities designed to diffuse ideas about how to create entrepreneurial leaders by working closely with other Saudi universities and other relevant organizations.